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Photo Competition Results - 2021

Our annual photo competition was held on 3 August 2021. Congratulations to all winners.

CategoryPlacePhotographer - Image
Above Bushline No Human Element1stRichard Lander - Ngauruhoe Reflection
2ndRoyce Mills - Floating Volcanoes
3rdHazel Phillips - Ruapehu Swimming Hole
Above Bushline With Human Element1stTim Swale - Sunrise Hut
2ndHazel Phillips - Ball Pass Crevasse
3rdKen Mercer - Home Time
Below Bushline No Human Element1stMaria Lombard - Endless Horizon
2ndMaria Lombard - Moody Grey
3rdRichard Lander - Mahuia Falls
Below Bushline With Human Element1stLouise Lahmert - Where The Stream Takes Us
2nd =Christine Finnigan - Earnslaw Hut
2nd =Louise Lahmert - West Coast Sunset
Historical1stDavid Harrington - Snowy Tent
2ndR Andrew Fuller Collection, MTSC - Harris Creek Hut 1946
3rdDavid Harrington - Daphne Hut
Native Flora and Fauna1st =Kaka Sunrise - Davide Conti
1st =Louise Lahmert - Little Blue Surprise Fungus
3rdMaria Lombard - Camouflage
Long Exposure1stRichard Lander - Milky Way Over Ruapehu
2ndLouise Lahmert - Gibbs Hut
3rdMaria Lombard - Moonrise
Best Overall1stLouise Lahmert - Where The Stream Takes Us
2ndTim Swale - Sunrise Hut


  • 1.Above Bushline No human element (NZ) Scenery, no people
  • 2.Above Bushline With human element (NZ)
  • 3.Below Bushline No human element (NZ)
  • 4.Below Bushline With human element (NZ)
  • 5.Historical (NZ)
  • 6.Native Flora and Fauna (NZ).
  • 7.Special - Long Exposure

Prizes were sponsored by:

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